Bioelements professional skin care was recognized as the "Best Facial Line"

Salon Ambiance Signature Flaxx-C
Anti Aging Facial


Flaxx-C Anti-aging facial works to firm, lift, tighten and smooth your skin. Created for skin that's showing signs of aging. The treatment's layered exfoliation process smoothes skin texture and buffs out the fine lines, while the exclusive Flaxx-C firming massage technique increases circulation and helps firm skin. Instantly you will experience firmer, more resilient skin. It features a ultra-tightening, Flaxx-C firming mask that actually compresses the skin's tissue, causing a biological response in the skin to help reprogram and remodel skin's supportive matrix. One hour.

Bioelements Facial


Designed for your exact complexion, this personalized facial is totally customized from start to finish. You'll experience a custom blended deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and massage of the face, neck and shoulders followed by a therapeutic Bioelements mask and serum designed to correct specific problems. Emerge an hour later with immaculately clean, smooth and glowing skin. A perfect choice for any sensitive skin or skin with rosacea. One hour.

Bioelements Acne Clearing Treatment


An obsolete must if you're breakout PrOne, have clogged pores or blackheads. You'll receive a personal skin assess-ment, followed by deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and a medicated Amino Mask that contains enzymes, antioxidants, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Make this effective treatment a part of your continuing fight against acne. One hour.

Pumice Peel Manual Microdermabrasion Treatment


The ultra-fine pumice crystals in this machine-less micro-dermabrasion treatment peel away dull, dreary cells, abrade uneven skin and visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A skin-resurfacing treatment, it also includes a cus-tomized Bioelements mask to infuse nutrients into your newly Polished complexion, The results will be brighter skin with improved clarity and a more even tone. It's the ideal option for those who want the effects of microdermabrasion without the machine. One hour.

Bioelements Double Surface Peeling Treatment


This powerful treatment uses extra strength exfoliation to pee/ away dulling surface layers, minimize the appearance of pores and smooth the skin. An immediate improvement in texture will occur, surface skin will feel like porcelain and your complexion will take on a healthy, youthful glow. The intensity of the treatment is customized for your exact skin to ensure maximum results. A potent skin peel without any downtime. One hour.

Lightplex Pigment Balancing Treatment


If evening out your skin tone and fading dark spots is a priority, this is the facial for you. It starts with a thorough skin cleansing followed by an Enzyme Thera!, exfoliation treatment custom blended for your skin. Next, a profession-al-strength LightPlex Pigment Balancing Serum is penetrated deep into your skin where dark spots are formed. To finish, you'll experience a customized Trissage facial massage. It's the Perfect treatment to he. You attain even-toned spotless skin. One hour.

Spa Back Facial


Enjoy fabulous smooth, silky skin with a wonderful Back Facial from Salon Ambiance. Start with a deep back cleans-ing, exfoliating and extractions (when necessary, Relax while with a fabulous back massage as we soften your skin and the tissues below. We'll finish with selecting an appro-priate skin type mask and moisturizer to leave your back with it's best feel and appearance ever. One hour